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Jeff Oboler / Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen
foreground, wearing white, Rainbow Gathering, 1984
(Boys are Yeshayah and Elishama Goldfarb.)
© Don Rothenberg 


i took the photo of jeff oboler at that rainbow gathering.

please use the photo with love
 and the love jeff spread clear and wide…with blessed memory

bless you and yours
don rothenberg
(formerly of aquarian minyon/berkeley)
vienna, austria (residence)
In the first photo, the one Don took at the Rainbow Gathering, I believe that’s Shimshon Eisenberg quite visible near the front of the crowd, at Jeff’s left, his head raised skyward, wearing a dark beard. - Reuven
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Jeff Oboler and friends
photo by Miriam Stampfer
In the second photo, taken by Miriam Stampfer and captioned “Jeff Oboler and friends,” I’m fairly certain that’s another Jeff, Katya Miller’s former husband, Jeff Wallin. - Reuven

Rabbi Chanan Sills and Jeff Oboler
Joys of Jewishing, early 1980's
Magnificent photo by Yehudit Goldfarb gratefully received from Reb Sarah Leah (Ayla) Grafstein of Ruach HaMidbar.
In time for 5th yahrzeit 2016, of Reb Yosef formerly known as Jeff Oboler. 
Yahrzeit September 25, 2011 ~ 27 Elul 5771

Jeff Oboler, later Yosef Ben Shlomo HaKohen
Joys of Jewishing, 1981
© Yehudit Goldfarb

Jeff Oboler, later Yosef Ben Shlomo HaKohen
Avram Davis at the left, and behind him Jeff Celnik
Joys of Jewishing, early 1980's, 1984
The fifth photo, captioned, “Jeff Oboler, later Yosef Ben Shlomo HaKohenJoys of Jewishing, early 1980's, 1984,”shows Yosef in the center; Yehudit thinks that the woman whose face is visible on the right might be Miriam Bluestone, but I’m not so sure; in fact, I doubt it.  We know the woman on the left but cannot remember her name.  In any case, it’s not Miriam Bluestone (in case anybody thought it was).  
Yehudit thinks she’s responsible for this photo as well.
Thanks Reuven, for the commentary. 


Reb Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen
Spring 5765
© Chana Leah
sent by Herschel Zvi

Yosef & Georgie, Apr 26, 2005, 5765
© Chana Leah
sent by Herschel Zvi

Jeff Oboler, Musician
This is the Musicians credits page from "Joys of Jewishing" video by Reb Sarah Leah Grafstein aka Reb Ayla

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  1. Richard H. Schwartz is dedicating his new book, Who Stole My Religion?: Applying Jewish Values to Help Heal Our Imperiled Planet to Jeff with this dedication:

    "To Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen (Jeff Oboler) (z"tl), who passed away as this book was being completed. Yosef was the author of the book, The Universal Jew, a friend and valuable advisor to me and to many others, a true tzaddik, a bridge between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews and between Jews and others, a person dedicated to Torah learning and teaching and to spreading widely Judaism's universal messages through the work of his Hazon website. We will miss Yosef and his wis-dom, joy and niggunim (tunes), and we must try to apply his insights and nudging to the tasks of outreach and organizing to which he dedicated his too-brief but shining life."

    I am formatting Richard's book and at the last minute (literally -- it goes to the printer on Thursday) we realized we did not have a photo of Jeff for the dedication page. So I searched and found the one by Chanah Leah posted here -- I do not know how to contact her to ask permission to use it, but I assume she would not mind, given it is to honor Jeff's memory. I will, of course, give her copyright credit. Thank you in advance for a wonderful memorial page.

    The book will be available on on or before the first of January 2012, and eventually on Amazon also. If there are any questions, please contact me at:


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