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Psalms of My Soul

Yesod sh b'Malchut
Bonding in Nobility
My Rebbe Yosef

Sephirat HaOmer day 48
6 Weeks and 6 Days of the Omer = Day 6 of Week 7
Ways of knowing the individuality of the Sephirot pair.

Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen, z"l, formerly Jeff Oboler

- Joy Krauthammer

On this Omer Day 48, before I've read any others' thoughts on the day, I feel trembling in anticipation, knowing Shavuot is tomorrow night. Also I experience a sense of impending separation from the deep, intense 49 days process of contemplation, transcendence, and authentic spiritual purification leading towards revelation at Mount Sinai.

My immediate review of today, Yesod sh b'Malchut, only hours into its happening (a good 'sixties' word for events), is filled with the attributes of Bonding and Foundation within the radiant Indwelling Presence of Shekhina. I examine my own deep-rooted characteristics within my own healthy independence, maturity, leadership, confidence (or not), uniqueness, revealed self-expression, personal contribution, inner-self (emotional gifts) vs. performance (physical gifts), reputation, connecting to and as vessel/conduit of Hashem, and recognition of Shekhina's Presence in my life. I acknowledge Hashgachah Pratit / Divine Providence.

Today I think about all the ways, how, when, where and why, I intensify my bond with others--with whom: with memories of deceased, z"l, and living, emotionally and with actions / mitzvot with many in my life: loved ones, children, sisters, family, friends, daughter's friends and family, machatenister, neighbors, shop-keepers, market vendors, Apple trainers, cohorts, rabbis, teachers and leaders (local and cyber), web masters, chevre, congregations, communities, hired help, repairmen, co-musicians, artists, others' pets, creatures that live wild in my garden (yes, I even created web sites for lizards and bunnies and birds because of 'my' bonding, as well as sites for 'departed' loved ones), and ...

Bonding for me was an unexpected and beautiful balanced element of the relationship that my Rebbe, Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen, z"l, and I had through his cyber "Hazon" study program. This program had no 'certificate' or diploma or honoring (as do many programs), nor 'fees' … The cyber program was for Jewish learning with traditional Torah teachings, and modeling of character and good deeds through autobiographies, for becoming a better Jew and human being, and for connecting with the Compassionate One. (I am eternally grateful that I found my rebbe through bonding with a spiritual writer, Ruthie, an Old City 'soul sister'.)

Reb Yosef was a Tzadik */ a righteous person (as others have told me). With humility, he would never have 'allowed' this identification. I chose the title "Reb" for my rebbe. He only signed his writings as "Yosef" or "Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen".  When my beloved Rebbe suddenly died 27 Elul, 5771 (September 25, 2011)I suffered a great 'foundation' loss. As I later discovered, I was not alone. Reb Yosef never spoke about his 'students', numbers of students, nor how he guided them. (Loving stories filled with personal examples, emerged after his death.)

Please read about Reb Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen in the web sites I have prepared for him in his memory, in his zechut / merit:

Please listen to Reb Yosef sing his favorite niggunim:

Daily, for years, through his writing and some personal phone calls from Jerusalem in the Holy Land, I was spiritually uplifted and strengthened by being Reb Yosef's student in his Hazon program. I never felt dependent on Reb Yosef, although since his death, I no longer have the Source for learning with inspirational immediate relevant thoughtful personal answers, nor the continual consistent level of acceptance, clarification, and mamash total caring encouragement. For insight and truth, I relied on his Kabbalistic Sephirot attributes of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, loving-kindness/generosity, strength/boundaries, compassion/harmony/beauty/honesty, endurance/determination, gratitude/awe, reliability and bond with the Compassionate One, and all that Reb Yosef was in his fragile physicality, and divine spirituality, and fullness as teacher and "brother".

I had bitachon / trust in my rebbe and total respect for him. He let me know where his own knowledge was limited, although I found that that was his humble style, and mamash / truly, he had more wisdom than he allowed to be shared. With respect, Reb Yosef at times directed me with my questions, to rabbis around the world, more familiar with particular topics.

Bonding was strong because Reb Yosef mamash understood me, more than I even knew, and wanted me to climb the Tree of Life, with all my potential, yearning, and ruach / spirit. He appreciated me for who I was (and my contradictions), enjoyed my humor, writing, artistic creations, and mitzvot, and he wanted me to grow and come closer to the Holy One. In my lowest place in mourning, Reb Yosef taught me that "G*d Loves You" and that helped save me, for my tshuvah / return to myself following my loss of spouse, z"l.

With Judaism as my foundation, and with emunah / faith that Reb Yosef had in me, I share Holy Ahavah / Love and so much more of Torah with my communities, and individuals that I mentor, so that they, too, travel on the Tree of Life. (Even Apple trainers put up with my Jewish spirituality and sharing during lessons. Until I arrived, they never before had Chanukah geltmatzoh or halavah.)

I was Reb Yosef's "sister" and his "spiritual child".  Bonded this way, we could survive our disagreements, and collaborations. He was my teacher, rebbe, spiritual guide, brother, and enduring, uplifting inspiration support during my husband's, z"l, lengthy and difficult illness and after. I miss my Rebbe and regularly have the need to call on him for his generosity of instinct and answers, and wish he was here to share his ruach-filled joyous light. Now he is 'home' with his sorely missed loved ones, z"l, and no longer suffering in his vulnerable body. Reb Yosef bonded with me, when he sent to me from Israel, his book, "The Universal Jew, Letters to a Progressive Father From his Orthodox Son".

Reb Yosef was a traditional Chareidi/Orthodox Jew, originally a New Yorker; and I am a Renewal Jew, originally a New Yorker (yet I also affiliate cross/post-denominations).  Reb Yosef and I bonded in the Light of Shekhina and Torah, in Yesod sh b'Malchut. We traveled on similar ladders paths to the Tree of Life. Reb Yosef was on higher rungs. His goal for me was to get me higher. My goal is to have others with me. I dedicate my 5773 Sephirat HaOmer posts in the zechut of my Rebbe Yosef, and for his Ilui Neshamah / soul's elevation.

Today on the 48th day of the Omer, arrived one of Reb Yosef's teachings from his Hazon Archives. 
His 568 teachings that he sent out during week-days, are thankfully compiled on the web, and still all available to us because his friends continue in his Light:

Today's "Message for Shavuot" is temporarily found here: .

There are many other letters, essays, articles, e-mails, consultations, and press comments, that Reb Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen had written personally to those in need of clarification, learning, and support, comfort and guidance. Many essays not in the Archives are found by a Google search. Reb Yosef was beloved by all who knew him, and were touched by him and his mitzvot and holy neshamah / soul. Bonding with Reb Yosef was a great blesSing for me, still revealing itself after his death.

Please read:

Today's e-mail:
Dear Friends,
The pilgrimage festival of Shavuos, the day of the giving of the Torah, is almost upon us. 
Join us for a "Message for Shavuos".
Chag Sameach
Friends of Yosef HaKohen

Dear Chevre, 

I truly hope that you, too, are motivated to Count the Sephirat HaOmer next year, especially if you did not Count this year. 
BlesSings for reaching Mount Sinai, health, wholeness, peace, revealed miracles, creativity, discovery, wonder, blooming gardens, majestic sunrises, sighting birds, love and joy,
Serve G*d With Joy
"Ivdu Et Hashem B'Simcha" 

* "Yesod can be defined as the divine attribute which binds G-d to His creation in a bond of empathy and love. This is why the sefira of Yesod is also called "saint" ("tzadik" in Hebrew) as in the verse "a saint is the foundation of the world" (Proverbs 10:25). A tzadik, or saint, arouses mankind to seek G-d. At the same time he draws down G-d's compassion and goodness into the world. Thus he is the foundation of the world." -

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